Regione Piemonte is the second Italian region as for surface with almost 4,5 million inhabitants. It has legislative, regulatory and programming tasks in various policy fields. The Regional Health & Welfare Directorate is responsible for the coordination of the regional healthcare system (6 main Hospitals and 13 Local Health Units). It is in charge of its organization, funding and management control. It is the authority that disseminates guidelines at regional level and leads the State and Regions Conference for the related national coordination. As reference site of the EU Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing promotes innovative model of care for the elderly, based on Family and Community Nursing (EU best practice) and develops a Chronic care Plan and a Prevention and Health Promotion Plan.


SUNFRAIL (Health Programme): 

CoNSENSo (Alpine Space Programme): 

PITEM PROSOL, Progetto Senior (Alcotra Programme): 

VIGOUR (Health Programme): 

Areas of Good Practice

  • FAMILY AND COMMUNITY NURSE: in order to promote an initiative medicine, capable of early intercepting the needs and conditions of psychophysical fragility of citizens, the figure of the family and community nurse is provided at the Community Care Centres. The experimentation phase was started in 2019 in some pilot areas and, at the moment it is going to be spread throughout the Region.


  • LIVING LAB: Supporting older people to live at home as long as possible, avoiding hospitalisations, Regione Piemonte is testing, thanks to Project Alcotra Prosol Senior, a living lab set in the Community Care Centre of Cortemilia (ASLCN2) in order to to provide health promotion activities and promote socialization and access to health and social services. 

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