The Extremadura AHA Reference Site is led by the Regional Ministry of Health and Social Services at the Government of Extremadura and its research foundation, FUNDESALUD. The regional ministry manages the services for Healthcare (SES; Regional Healthcare System) and Specialized Social Care, Elderly and Dependency care (SEPAD) in the region.

SES involves 14 hospitals with around 3000 beds, 113 Community Health Centers, 420 Primary care Centers and over 18000 professionals. SES is managed by a powerful Healthcare Information System (JARA) that provides 100% electronic prescription and an integrated medical record (primary and specialized care).

SEPAD provides more than 10,000 elder population in Government-dependent Nursing Homes. SEPAD supports and manages Nursing Homes, Day Care Centers, Senior Centers and other aged-friendly resources. SEPAD also collaborates with private institutions in order to guarantee a correct care for aged people. SEPAD assists also the elders by providing domiciliary services and other assistance to promote autonomous living and healthy lifestyle for senior people. It also manages different programs in tele-care and health.

FUNDESALUD manages both research and training programs at SES and SEPAD. In addition, FundeSalud works in collaboration with University of Extremadura (UEx) and other public or private research centers, providing resources, staff and facilities to develop any biomedical research activity in the autonomous region of Extremadura (Spain).

Other members in the Extremadura Health Ecosystem are Jesus Usón Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre (JUMISC), Extremadura Supercomputing, Technological Innovation and Research Center (CENITS) and Health Cluster of Extremadura.

The population in Extremadura is 1.065 million (2019) in an area of 41,633 km2, making it the fifth largest of the Spanish regions (autonomous communities). It is It is located in the Southern Plateau (a subdivision of the Spanish Central Plateau).


Areas of Good Practice

CSONLINE: An application for providing access and management of the healthcare resources and clinical records (patient profile, including diagnostics, treatments, and prescription).

MEDEA PROJECT: Implementation of precision and personalized medicine on SES, by personalizing prescription based on the patient genetic profile.

TELECARE SERVICES: Specialized Home Help service, it can be provided with or without a Home Help Service that includes personal care.

EJERCICIO TE CUIDA EN CASA (EXERCISE CARES YOU AT HOME): Citizen Seniors empowerment programme for a health and active aging by providing training in physical activity at home.

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