Public Procurement Organizations (PPO) are rethinking existing practices as currently, quality of care is compromised and they do not lead to economic most advantageous purchasing. PPO involved in different PPI/PCP are teaming up around a novel approach of Value Based Procurement (VBP) joined by national/regional procurement organizations and service providers with a common vision, a value based procurement of innovative solutions to enable the needed transformation of health and social care delivery.

The EURIPHI consortium involves 14 PPO, 10 with a regional or national remit and service providers from 6 countries who together, procure for more than 200 care service providers. The European Health Public Procurement Alliance members are also contributing to the project. This provides a strong basis to build out a Value Based PPI Community of Practice (CoP) to successfully achieve one of the key objectives of the CSA.

The EURIPHI common vision is to build out around a MEAT VBP framework which will be made accessible with adaptions necessary to support the cross-border PPI leading to “MEAT Value Based PPI”. Cross-border PPI-Legal guidance will be developed by legal expert partners.
Innovative solutions will be identified in the fields of rapid diagnostic (RD) tools in infectious disease and in the most promising integrated care services (IC). The identification of specific demands and prioritization will be done by expertpartners and through the establishment of the Health Regional Network including stakeholders.
Following an open market consultation, case testing will be performed for 1-2 RD and 3-4 IC innovative solutions and serve as an input for the PPI or PCP writing of SC1-BHC-20-2020.
Dissemination and exploitation will be done by partners with a European or International remit and by an involvement of all partners in a blog series and EURIPHI Insights, with the support of a permanent secretariat.

RSCN implication in the project: RSCN brings together the Reference Sites of the EIP on AHA committed in the AHA policy area and supports the good practices developed by its partners, acting as a catalyst to foster scaling-up across regions and countries. Following the approach of the European Scaling-up Strategy in Active and Healthy Ageing, RSCN will assess the exploitability of the methodology and good practice coming from the project. It will help to assess the characteristics and the impact of the innovative approach and will facilitate partnerships with other regions for scaling up.
RSCN is an answer to the need for a collaborative approach to facilitate joint reflection and action in sharing and transferring best practice in the development and scaling up of health and care strategies, policies and service delivery models. The RSCN is recognized by the EU Commission as the principal forum and authority representing all EIP on AHA Reference Sites, in order to optimise the possibilities for sharing a strong, sustainable health and care system for all, while respecting the different competences and responsibilities in the direct organisation of the health and care services of the Member States and Regions.

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Call: H2020-SC1-2018-Single-Stage-RTD.
Topic: SC1-HCO-12-2018 – Innovation in healthcare – a CSA towards using pre-commercial procurement and public procurement of innovative solutions in healthcare systems.
Type of Action: CSA.
Duration: 18 months.