European Digital Health Uptake (DHU) Radar: A Unique Platform for Digital Health Innovations

Apr 5, 2023 | News

The European DHU Radar, a new platform designed to promote the adoption and success of digital health innovations in Europe, has just been launched. Find out more!


Being developed as part of the DigitalHealthUptake project, the Radar offers a range of features, including information on digital health solutions and services, national and regional policies and strategies, and supporting tools and methodologies for upscaling digital health solutions.

Users of the Radar can browse a growing collection of successful practices and find at-a-glance information per practice, such as level of maturity and country.

Moreover, users can also publish their own practices, communicate them to interested adopters or inform the digital health community about their experiences. For suppliers of a practice, they can share their practice and identify peers or customers interested in adopting it. For adopters of a practice, they can find out if the practice fits their needs and connect with the publisher to explore adoption opportunities.

The Radar also includes three main building blocks: the Radar Repository, Radar Analytics, and Radar Spotlights. The Radar Repository ( enables the discovery of practices through browsing, while the Radar Analytics periodically analyses a subset of published practices to provide an overview of topics addressed, reported impact, common barriers and success factors for uptake, and other aspects. The Radar Spotlights showcases newly published successful practices, analytics reports, and other interesting information.

The Radar is powered by DigitalHealthUptake (DHU), a project funded by the European Union under the Digital Europe Programme which aims at fostering partnerships, collaboration, and upscaling in the digital health community in Europe. The DHU consortium brings together seven project partners that have been active in the European digital health research and implementation arena for over 35 years and have an outreach of over 80,000 organisations and experts.

For more information, please visit the DHU Radar at Digital Health Uptake (DHU) – Radar