Radical Health Festival Helsinki 2024

Apr 10, 2024 | Events

It's Critical to be Radical. Helsinki 22-23 May 2024. The RSCN is delighted to annonce its participation to the 2024 edition of the Radical Health Festival in Helsinki ! Dr. Maddalena Illario MD, PhD, endocrinologist, Associate Professor at Federico II Department of Public Health, Coordinator of the Health Innovation and Integrated Care Unit of Federico II Hospital, and chair of the RSCN, will be speaking.


Turning a Silver Tsunami into a Golden Opportunity
May 23rd, 2024. At 10:00 to 11:15 (UTC +02:00)

Health relates to individual and environmental determinants, which European health systems have been addressing with a clear and tangible impact on our ageing populations. However, these efforts have not systematically translated into quality of life, independent living and new sustainable development opportunities. Are we doing enough to provide future generations a public health system that will meet the challenges on the horizon? What else can we do collaboratively? As the digital transformation of our health systems keeps accelerating, have we secured a triple win: improved health outcomes, services, and sustainability? Integrating digital solutions into existing services calls for major sociocultural and organizational adjustments as well as a major shift in training and upskilling or reskilling an ageing health workforce. How do we define “health services” vs. “social services” in this new scenario? How do we assess health/social services performance? How do evolve and evaluate professional education considering the multidimensional and interdisciplinary approaches that concur to promote and protect health? This session will showcase diverse use cases united by one common goal: transforming ageing populations from a challenge into an opportunity for sustainable development through innovative strategies and tools.

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